17 giugno — 21 luglio 2022
via cervino 16, torino



By entering the Gagliardi e Domke gallery, in via Cervino 16, one enters to the kingdom of real giants, Oversize artworks.
The first impact is with a work by Fabio Viale “Stargate”, the gateway to the stars, a metaphor for the gateway to the gallery and the constellation of works presented and kept there.
Further on we find a work by Jelena Vasiljev, “That’s how wolves are”, three intersecting wolves, cast in black and white patinated bronze. A contemporary “Obelisk” by Fabio Viale, a respectful homage to the god of energy who is worrying the entire globe; an installation by Jelena Vasiljev in plaster and iron that makes us reflect on the recurring violence on our continent (the artist is Serbian and knows the tragedy of war) through the metaphor of wolves who, in spite of themselves, encounter the violence of men.
Moving to the left, we can see Colonne, a work by Vittorio Messina, who loves to express himself with recycled materials intended in their primary function for construction sites and which in his hands take us on a journey into Greek-Roman culture. We then find two other works by Fabio Viale: Ahgalla and Flat Line that immediately refer to the challenges that the artist launches to his chosen material, marble, bending it as usual to his will.


Jelena Vasiljev_Essendo così i lupi: That's how wolves are2
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