Monu Mentum

Until 1 September 2023
Porta di Milano at Terminal 1 of Malpensa Airport
Curated by Matteo Pacini
The Malpensa installation shows monumental works by Fabio Viale decorated with tattoos typical of Russian criminals or with Japanese Irezumi, such as: Yours will be ours (2022), a replica of the fist of a Roman statue, Venus (2017), a reference to the Venus di Milo, Laocoonte (2020) and Torso Belvedere (2020) which refer to the originals exhibited in the Vatican Museums, Souvenir David (2018), an imposing head inspired by the famous sculpture by Michelangelo.


Schermata 2023-07-25 alle 10.52.50
Schermata 2023-07-25 alle 10.56.38
Schermata 2023-07-25 alle 11.04.40
Schermata 2023-07-25 alle 11.04.34
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